Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Subject: RE: Taman Negara 2010 aka January Bros Bday bash aka BH new crib house warming !

This is something I'd like to share. Funny how a simple email replies can turned into rap battle of da centuries..hur hur hur..This is how it started :

"hi all,
ITs been a long time !
U guys must have been guessing how is our taman negara trip ?
So the conclusion is T and V are not able to make it at december, so they plead we all to move it to January 2010
Right T and V?
The date to be set at 15 - 17 or 22 - 24 January 2010. Why choose this date ?
Because we will be celebrating D, BH and Ad bdayz and held a bbq at 3rd of Jan at BH new cribs !

So lets make this coming january meaningful, and celebrate our coming 29th years old ( god damn, we turning to F-uncle soon )

F-uncle C who do not remember the past 28 yrs !"

Then follow up wif a few replies and i guess the next one here is the turning point :)

"D, 29(age) jialat meh???? huh?? a DAD liao, lagi jialat....culture shock man...parentHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!.....hqahhhaha, anyway our celebration ok on anytime...currently im rushing to get all the shit done...then once all completed b4 january i will inform all blader...then fix a time...then its for mancistron...we can still arrange wat....fuck man...we got 3 JBBs (JANUARY BIRTHDAY BOYZ) man...then we gonna prepare a boy band song for ya all....D boy lead singer, adriano back up, as for me hip hop dance baby........."

i personally felt inspired by those words n started out the battle :)

"Yo yo~!!
Here cums the Jan B Boyz..
not da beastie boyz..
we rawks n we cockz..
we don need ur shit talkz..
the year of cow, we booze n shoutz..
now cums the tigger! we are humping n proudz~!!

3 old fartz,
we hav daddy n frownz..
another sillypore fartz is still crazy to houndz..
wateva shit happens we still search for soyz..
coz we Jan B Boyz is the babes new toyz~!!

(JBB-H*** break dance! check out his helicopter! funny they don fly..)
damn i'm luving my rhymes man~!!
JBBz adriano outz"

then we hav mr.C comin out wif this:

"Go to East, Go to West,
Try Your Best, In Your Test !"

lame..haha..but the next one is awesome!

"uh huh, uh huh, i'm feeling this...rap battle y'all

heres shouting out at my hommies..sillypore fartz, daddy O H and all my Capriz G's
watch out! DT's in the houze...from the southsidez feat MC Roy Sahara
and here's to G**di G's
If you're havin' girl problems i feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

I got Mc Roy bringing on da sick beats,
Planning the plot with all he's got,
Bombing the cribs, he's spreading the jizz,
Running down the sahara, with all the shitz,
Jungles are fine, trees are swell,
But nothing can beat a bitch,
Skimping her tits, on a malibu beach.

Chekitt, mic check, mic check,

JBB's rockin the mails,
Burnin' the streets, shouting to all you peeps,
Here's to sillypore, the man's getting hitched,
He's swearing his dick, for his bitch,
Lemme tell y'all,
A dick can't be kept like this,
Gotto be loose, it can't be leashed.

The worm's got a brain,
Like what i said,
To Stoner S, when it's gettin' late,
Driving down the road,
With Fatcat on the wheel,
Smoking the G's, feeling the trill,
All we were saying,
It was ill.

Daddy O, got a brat,
We all hope, she'll turn out PHAT,
Not bodyfat, that is crap,
Phat like her mama,
Workin' the decks,
Kickin' the tunes,
like the bros from da hoodz,

I'm gonna swear,
that Handsome T is chill,
with his random quirks,
that turn his dick into a turtle.

Vin's clicking the lens,
Taking them pictures,
With em' girls and em' cars and em' what?
He's joinin' the paparazzos,
Killin' em' with shots, crank up the lens,
But I tell u vin,
A cam's not a cam,
If it ain't bumpin' a naked hoe.

I got 99 problems but a BITCH ain't one.
peace out...back to you sillypore

JBB d** T signin out"

hell yeah, its gettin hot n all boys bring it on!

"YO YO YO~~Kuai kia in da hse!

I ain't no singer, I ain't no rapper
T K only taught me to be better

BH got a kid, Ad has a spouse,
Dw & C with no chicks sit in da house..

Forget bout G,
He will miss the fun,
We BBQ & gaze the stars,
He chooses to soak in Spa

2010 with red eggs and bomb
A celebration we must enthrone
Wishing all braders with hugs & kisses
Let's cut the crap! We don't play asses!"

Well it sure does sounds like a poem to me :p but its a free battle..who cares..haha..
as long as it makes my day!
Next up we have DJ Roy!

"DJ Royz in da house

Yo yo it goes !
My fren called me Hensem T
You all know it and should know why
Cycling my mountain bike to the fountain
And tell the ah gua, "I Am Hensem"

One day im asked to melaka
i tell my fren im gonna to score
Bring my daddy's red wine collection
Too bad the chick was an insurance agent (awww~~)

When i set foot in the land of love
i saw my goddess in an aquarium
that nite im trying to make it happen
but i just happen to pop the question
Can i wear condom i ask my goddess ?
She tell me "its okie, kid. Im gonna return to heaven"


and D says:

"Gonna do this encore for my bud MC Roy

Hensem T, oh hensem T,
Wanna put his dick in a chinese pie,
Learn it from my bad boy Roy Sahara,
Who don't give a fuck when he eats a hookah."

Then somebody is obviously hooked! check it out:

"This is war!!!!

Roy, ambik kau!

xx xx in the house,
Can i hump you like a mouse
married or not i give no damm
all i want is to feel like a man

ahhh ahhh awww she mourns loudly
i hug her she calls me honey
her lingerie makes me horny
tearing it apart, CALL ME DADDY!"

Someone is trying to make it personal,some dont:

"Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!
Yo yo wassup wassup broz frm da hoodz!

Respect, respect D T's! He's fuckin all B's,
No mercy he is slashin the G's and da V's and da Quirky T's,
I gotta tell ya D T's, tis aint the way B's should b,
Now Silly A's in da house is gonna rawk tis beat!

Yo sillypore is da shit,
Where A's started humping n now gettin hitched,
But he aint gonna swear his dick,
As his biatch is another cool shit,
Silly A's is still thumping the streets where PRC is like smash hit!
Ya know wat my B's, coz my D's will always b unleashed!

Here's another special to da Quirky T's,
Ya aint no singer n ya aint no rapper,
Ya better off linger n a damn good raper,
TK's VHS taught ya to finger,
n Hell yeah u r definitely better!
But pls leave ya pantun in da hanger,
Coz da hole hoodz is gonna make ya suffer!

Bring it on!"

Ooo..big daddy in da house! here it goes:

"yo yo yo yo....Big D in da housezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

dun let this shit stop,
freakshow feelin freakin hotzz,
lets throw the bomz,let it drop,
we Bros frm da hood is on the Top...

to all my broszzzzzzzzzzz,
listen up, here we goes...

me big daddy inviting ya all,
on a date Big D not fixed at all,
chillin in Big D's new crib,
we will be fuckin some pork ribz,

intoxicate all our brainz,
puke till energy is drained,
oh man, i forgot im a DADDY,
stop doing shit, just for my lil BABY,

Baby M is the name,
Big D's toy put a good aim,
Baby M is Big D's legacy,
She got out in a state of urgency,

Love ya all..........Big D out.............

oh oh.. b4 i put myself away,
T and C fuck all the way,
dun let the this shit stop the war,
soon HA HA, we gonna see some CLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D BOY u r still mine...
even BABY M,is in the line...
this is not a crime...
we are having a GOOD TIME.........

BIG D out......................"

Ya think tis is gonna end ere? No Way!

Nah....Heres your reply !!

Uhh, yeah, uh-uhh-uh
Uh-huh, uh-uh-uhh, uhh, uhh
I ain't tryin to be RUDE DUDE
but give a nigga some space

T oh T, you are full of anger
Shouldn't let the Hoes help you to finger
Humping the Ace is my own matter
The things i do is turn on my speaker

Pink Sexy lingerie doesnt matter
As long as i can get my D's under
So that i wont sleeeep in anger
masturbating myself thinking mer-lar-kar...Awww~~

My office hour is 9 to 5
Calling my client makes me wanna die
Writing this email makes me high
Thinking tonite is ladies nightttttt

When i step in to the clubbing scene
I saw a snake coil-ing D T
He's smiling at me like he's on some D
Image-ning himself as if he is on TV

MC Roy Out !"

Here goes T wif his reply:

"I am high with this email crap,
so i type to join the rap...

To the condo, a black car drives in
In the car, C creates a scene
Nigga and residents try to peep in
the tongue and hand continued to slide in

back to the room, the game is on
the sucking and licking makes her moan
its ok, i am used to it
but Xx couldnt stand a bit!!

Big Daddy B, you have an angel
rocking your baby in the manger
give us a date, we wanna eat the ribs
not some lousy pringles potato chips!

Next to Johor, we have singapore
where brader K sees pros and whores
he says white merlion spitting water
i say wtf, it doesnt matter!!!"

C fights back again!

"yo yo yo

im back to the scene, to reply this email crap
asking my dog, she gave me an advice
bring your pantun shit, and shut your trap
my grandma can rap, so can you too !

T you need light in your pathway, just like fat cat
Let me bring you some light, how's the gangsta rap

Ah uh, ah uh....
You rap like J C, like pussy with mouth
I think cikgu Mariam can do better than u !
G** G is as mute as now, watching his meteor garden in his lounge
Beside Stoner S holding bong, both of them are down

hop on my mustang, with my big magnum gun
driving 60 miles, lock and loaded
pounding everything at every corner of my eyes
I think Chick-G gotta better run !

Daddy B step down from his bling bling lexus
He bought it because he didnt pay his taxes
Baby M love milk, so do we too
Dont worry about the crib, we shall burn down to pieces !

Brother vin shouldn't be left out from the game
As you look silly behind the lens
Taking bird shitting and hoes farting
This is not what i called for model posing

I love singapore because theres a fiona xie
other than that biatch, everything's a crap
people are kiasu, womens are phatt
aww...feel so demotivated

Im out !

mc roy"

Having fun reading?all good things come to n end :)

"woa woa woaaa..
It's hot now! its hot now!
cool shit battle down all da way my B's..

we hav seen awesome shits around ere..
wat say ya Quirky T's? huh..
ya think ya can go down like tat?

wat?alrite i hear ya..ride on ride on
battle rnd 2!
lets move it!

Da name reminds me of winter sonata,
Gandhi G's sauna, turns to horror karma,
But my man doesnt die in tis drama!

Fuckin wif Silly A's, Brader V's n da Big Daddy,
Roy n Quirky T's, ya gotta be kiddin me!
Pay attention, you're rappin the same way like T is!
Matter of fact, B's, here's a pencil,
Go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful,
And don't come back until something dope hits you,

Fuck it! You can take the mic home with you!
Lookin' like a cyclone hit you,
Tank top screamin', "Roy, I don't fit you!"
You see how far those lame jokes get you,
B's like "How Jay Chou gonna jizz you?"
My motto: Fuck You!
Now I'm going home to make a doll like you,
Voodoo, Hoodoo, Scooby Do's gonna luv you,
All i left to say is, See You!

Silly A outz"

apparently theres no more round 2..till then the battle is outz..

Thank You :)

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