Friday, July 10, 2009

Nicole's 7th day on earth

This is Nicole. It's her 7th day here on earth. A long n exciting journey is about to embark for this little one. Frm now onwards, everytime i manage to squeeze my schedule back home to see my little niece, i'll make an effort to record her growth. Think these are the best ever pictures my sis would wish to see when she's old n lazing at the wooden rocking chair. Not jus her but everyone that has walk thru little one's journey together. Godspeed you Nicole!

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0104

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0107

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0112

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0118

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0121

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0131

Nicole's 7th day on earth_0136

Nicole : Now, if you'd excuse me. I need to grab more sleep. Tis is basically the best time of my life! Jus a few simple things to do - drink, sleep n poo :p Too bad i'm still out of focus..if not i'll b busy twitterin, facebookin n bloggin :p hur hur hur


aboo said...

Welcome to the world Nicole. And welcome back bro. It's been a while.

OpticMystic said...

Hehe..ya man, got time then update a bit..when ar u coming to find me limteh ler?